Friday, March 23, 2007

Wow....Ohio State Rolls On

Ohio State, Kansas, UCLA and Memphis all move on to the next round of games on Saturday.

Ohio State, down by 20 points, Greg Oden with 3 fouls, and Conley Jr with 2 fouls [both sitting a good amount of time] end the half looking flat, out played and looks of being schooled by Tennessee. I'm not sure who was playing in the first half compared to the second half team. It was yet another 'what the hell did the coach say' in the locker room to get them motivated?

Saturday we see not one, but two #1 vs #2 match ups. #1 Ohio State vs #2 Memphis, #1 Kansas vs #2 UCLA. The Cinderella teams have left the building. Just think back a year ago, all four number 1 seeds were all eliminated by the final four teams. This year we still have them all. Plenty of basketball to be played, so I may be getting ahead of myself.

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