Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tips On How To Win Your Office Pool - Part 2

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not claiming to be any expert of any kind, but I'm continuing on with my tips on winning your office pool. I've never won my office pool in the 10+ years I've been doing this, but I have come very close, and finished very close to the bottom. Use these tips I've thought of, discovered, read about, and a bit of dumb luck at your own risk.

  • Pick a team seeded 1 or 2 [there will be eight of them] to win the national title.
  • Don't pick more than two of the four number 1 seeds to be the last four teams in the tournament. In 2006, not one of the number 1 seeds made it to the championship weekend. I'd call it a fluke year.
  • Pick one team seeded 12th to reach the regional semi finals.
  • Despite some success, and I do mean some, don't go too far with the number 4 and 5 seeds.
  • Pick two teams seeded 13th to 15th to be victorious over teams seeded 2nd to 4th.
Part 1 - How to win your office pool

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