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2019 OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge Begins

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Sunday, March 17, 2019 0 comments
Entries are now being accepted into the 23rd OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge. If you would like to participate in this year's contest, kindly have your pick sheets submitted by tip-off of the first game on Thursday.

Deadline: Tip-Off, March 21 @ 12:30 PM [EST]
Entry Fee: None

Make sure you hit the SUBMIT PICKS button at the bottom of the page or your picks will not be entered into the pool.

NOTE: When entering multiple times, please place a number after your name to make it unique [or it will over write you last submitted picks] For example: Timmy 1, Timmy 2, Timmy 3

2019 Tournament Schedule

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Friday, November 30, 2018 0 comments
Pre-Tournament Events
March 17: Teams Announced @ 6:00 PM [EST] on TBS
March 19-20: Four Play-In Games
March 21: Entry Deadline @ 12:30 PM [EST]

First Week Of The Tournament
March 21-22: Round One - 64 Teams
March 23-24: Round Two - 32 Teams

Second Weekend Of Games
March 28-29: Round Three - 16 Teams
March 30-31: Round Four - 8 Teams

Championship Weekend
April 6: Round Five - Semi-Finals - 4 Teams
April 8: Round Six - Championship - 2 Teams

NCAA Division I Men's Tournament Dates (2019).
Retrieved from https://www.ncaa.com/march-madness/schedule

DiVincenzo Leads Villanova to Victory

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 0 comments
When the Championship game began, both teams came out playing hard. Michigan's defense was dominant. They gave Villanova all kinds of trouble and the struggled to score points. The same could be said for Villanova's defense. But then Donte DiVincenzo entered the game and took over the game. It's not surprising he was the Most Valuable Player of the game. If you saw the game, he did not look like a player that should come off the bench. Michigan didn't have an answer and fumbled the remainder of the game away. Hat's off to Villanova as they won their second Championship game in three years. DiVincenzo for the game in 2016 was part of the team, but was wearing a suit, on the team bench.

This puts a close on our bracket contest. With 166 points, Jeffrey Brewer wins the 2018 Bracket Contest! He had our highest pick percentage at 70% correct and correctly picked three of the last four teams in the tournament. Connie Cuddihy was a close second at 164 points, she also picked three of the last four teams. Mike Krings was our third place finisher, and he also had three of the last four teams correct. It was a trend for the top teams this year.

Here are our Top Ten pick sheets for 2018

1. Jeffrey Brewer - 166
2. Connie Cuddihy - 164
3. Mike Krings - 151
4. Tom Johnson - 148
5. Donna Quinlan - 148
6. Jim Richards - 147
7. Mario Arias - 147
8. Zack Phillips - 146
9. John Fortuna - 143
10. Sean Q - 141

Congrats to all of our winners!

I'll see you in 2019....

Championship Weekend Begins

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Saturday, March 31, 2018 0 comments
The championship weekend starts back up today around 5:00 Central. We have #3 Michigan vs #11 Loyola Chicago, can't wait for this one to tip off. Lastly we have #1 Kansas vs #1 Villanova, the battle of the remaining number one seeds. As usual, the final matchup between the winning teams shifts to Monday night, but this time airing on TBS. I would suspect there are multi broadcasts for each home team as they've done in the past.

I wasn't able to watch much of the games last weekend as my son was home on leave from the Air Force. His time here was short, but it was great seeing him before reporting to his new base on the East Coast.

With just three games to go, here are the final eight scenarios and where you will finish in the standings depending on the outcome:

If Loyola Chi beats Villanova
If Villanova beats Loyola Chi
If Loyola Chi beats Kansas
If Kansas beats Loyola Chi
If Michigan beats Villanova
If Villanova beats Michigan
If Michigan beats Kansas
If Kansas beats Michigan

Round Three Is Underway

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Thursday, March 22, 2018 0 comments
With only sixteens teams remaining in the 2018 Tournament, we are down to about a third of the pick sheets who can still win the Championship. The games start back up today with four games tonight and four games Friday night. That will complete our third round in the office pool bracket contest.

There are only two #1 seeds and two #2 seeds, two #3 seeds and one #4 seed. The South Region was on fire last weekend with #5 Kentucky the highest seed remaining. It's been anything but predictable to this point. I hope it stays that way.

Looking into the numbers. Out of the 320 pick sheets, who is picked to win between some of the match ups in round three:

Kansas State- 3 (picked to win)
Kentucky - 20

Loyola Chicago - 3
Nevada - 6

Texas Tech - 62
Purdue - 212

Kansas - 266
Clemson - 13

Each correctly picked game is worth 5 points.

That's all I have right now. Enjoy the games and be sure to check out the Player Scenarios to see what your best place finish, worst place finish and which teams you need to root for in your field of eight teams.