Monday, April 3, 2000

Michigan State Wins

Congratulations to Adam Mack! He is this years winner. With a score of 105 points, he correctly picked Michigan State to defeat Florida. Thank you to everyone who participated in this years office pool. I welcome any comments on what to improve for next years pool or how you liked this years. The top item on my wish list for next year is to allow everyone to see their picks, I just didn't have enough server space to allow that this year.

Sunday, April 2, 2000

Two To Go

Sorry for the delay in getting the standings updated, I just returned from my weekend trip. However, we are finally down to the remaining two teams in this years tournament. To those of you who are still in the running, Good Luck. I have one of the two teams remaining in my picks, however, I've been outta this contest since the 3rd day of the games. To give you the numbers for the last game: People that picked Michigan State, 443 and people who picked Florida, 4.

Sunday, March 26, 2000

One Seed To Go

Only one #1 seed remains, #5 seed and two #8 seeds, who would have thunk. Here are the numbers for the last 4 teams in the tournament: Out of 1392 entries, 912 picked Michigan State to be one of the 4 remaining teams. Florida had 26 people. North Carolina had 9, and Wisconsin had just 2 people pick em.

Sunday, March 19, 2000

Round Two In The Books

Second round has completed....standings are updated. I must admit, I wasn't expecting the upsets in round 2. Wow! Two #1 seeds are gone and three #2 seeds are out!

Thursday, March 16, 2000

1300 Entries!!!

Yee Haw!! There are over 1300 entries in this years Office Pool 2000. I am in the process of importing all of your entries and will soon have the first update ready for posting sometime over weekend. Hang in there, it'll take a little bit of time to enter them all in. So if you don't see your name listed yet, the site has not been updated.

Sunday, March 12, 2000

Field Of 64 Is Set

The field of 64 is set. The printable bracket and the enter-picks page are ready to go. First game tips off Thursday morning. You have until that time to select your teams for the office pool. Good Luck!!

Scoring Points:
Round 1: 1 point
Round 2: 2 points
Round 3: 4 points
Round 4: 6 points
Round 5: 9 points
Round 6: 12 points

Tie Breakers will be determined the following way:
1. Pick Percentage
2. Most Teams In Final 16
3. Total Points In Final Game

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Office Pool 2000 2000 bracket contest tips off on March 17, 2000. Our office pool is free to those that enter, and we play for something called "Bragging Rights". Check out the pool archives for past winners.

This is the 4th annual bracket tournament. To bookmark this page press and return Sunday, March 12th to view the updated tournament bracket and select the teams that you believe will win the tournament.