Scoring Points

Scoring Points

63 total games with 231 possible points:

Round 1 [64 teams] 32 games x 2 points = 64 points
Round 2 [32 teams] 16 games x 3 points = 48 points
Round 3 [16 teams] 8 games x 5 points = 40 points
Round 4 [8 teams] 4 games x 8 points = 32 points
Round 5 [4 teams] 2 games x 13 points = 26 points
Round 6 [2 teams] 1 game x 21 points = 21 points

NOTES: The standard round scoring of 2-3-5-8-13-21. For those of you who are mathematically inclined, you will recognize these scores as Fibonacci Numbers. This type of progression just happens to fit well with a bracket elimination type of structure, and the weighting of games in progressive rounds seems to make sense. With the more traditional 1-2-4-8-16-32 system, the championship game is worth 32X as much as any first round game, which in effect makes the first round games almost useless. With "Fibonacci" scoring, the championship game is worth 10.5X as much as each first round game, which is much more reasonable.

Tie Breaker

At the end of the contest if any players have accumulated the same amount of total points, their rankings will be determined by the following tie breakers in the order of prioroty in which they appear below:

1. Most teams correctly picked in round 3 [16 teams]
2. The highest overall correct pick percentage
3. Total points of both team scores in final game

2013 Scoring Changes
Changed Round 5 scoring from 12 points to 13 points per correct pick

2010 Scoring Changes
Changed Round 5 scoring from 12 points to 15 points per correct pick
Changed Round 6 scoring from 16 points to 21 points per correct pick

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