Monday, April 4, 2016

We Have A Winner And A Champion

Wow. What a great game tonight by Villanova and North Carolina. It kept me on the edge of my seat and hooting and hollering as the last few shots dropped into their nets. Such an enjoyable game this was to watch versus the semi-final blowouts. Villanova's shooting percentage was just lights out and the difference in the tournament.

Congratulations goes out to: Clint Magness. He correctly picked the winner of the tournament, the runner up, two out of four of the final four teams and six out of the final eight teams. Very well done!

The top five brackets are as follows:

1. Clint Magness
2. Tridi 1
3. Jeff "Maxxxxxxx" Maxwell
4. Kelly Mooberry 1
5. Cory Vogel

I hope you had a fun tournament the past four weeks and enjoyed as much basketball as you could watch. We will see you next season for our 21st year.