Friday, April 6, 2007

New Rule For Future Picks

I had two new rules I was going to add for future years, but I'll be darned if I can think of the second one right now. I'll add it later on if I recall it. Here is the one that should be quite obvious:

Always pick last years championship team to repeat as champs if they return all five starters.

Monday, April 2, 2007

2007 Top Ten Finishers

Congratulations goes out to this years top ten finishers in the 2007 contest:

1 - Brian Michnowski [196 points]
2 - Troy Liske [195 points]
3 - kden [193 points]
4 - Brad Balcerzak [190 points]
5 - Gregy D [189 points]
6 - gllll [187 points]
7 - Justin Mangold [185 points]
8 - Dick [183 points]
9 - Hal Cason [180 points]
10 - Steve Mason [179 points]

Like A Stuck Record, Gators Win, Gators Win, Gators Win

Well, it wasn't that dramatic, but Florida repeats as National Champions of the 2007 Men's Basketball Tournament. All around a decent game to watch. Ohio State was able to keep Oden in the game, which the experts all said needed to happen if they even had a shot at winning tonight. What didn't happen for the Buckeyes was their outside shooting game. It was on the bench in foul trouble this game instead of Oden.

Florida, returning all five starters from the 2006 Championship team proved once again and earned their second consecutive championship. Corey Brewer was amazing, in my eyes tonights MVP. Other than Brewer, no one really stood out from the Gators. That is a good team effort, as it took everyone doing their job for tonights victory.