Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First-Round Match Up Statistics

Since the inception of the 64-team tournament in 1985 each seed # has played a total of 88 first-round games.

1. The #1 seed has beaten the #16 seed all 88 times (100%)
2. The #2 seed has beaten the #15 seed 84 times (95%)
3. The #3 seed has beaten the #14 seed 73 times (83%)
4. The #4 team has beaten the #13 seed 70 times (80%)
5. The #5 seed has beaten the #12 seed 59 times (67%)
6. The #6 seed has beaten the #11 seed 61 times (69%)
7. The #7 team has beaten the #10 seed 53 times (60%)
8. The #8 team has beaten the #9 seed 41 times (47%)

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Conference Tournaments Begin This Week

31 automatic bids are in play. 30 conferences hold tournaments except for Ivy League. The regular season winner receives the automatic bid. 34 additional schools will receive an 'at-large' bid. I'll update the 31 automatic bids as the conference tournaments complete over the next 12 days. Then when the selection committee announces the final tournament bracket, the 10th tournament will open up for your pool sheet entries.

There was just under 400 people in last years office pool. This pool is still free and there still are no prices for the winner. I don't have any paid advertisements for this site, I'm just a fan who enjoys the big March basketball tournament and all the hoopla that goes along with it.

I have new hosting for I've redesigned the website slightly while keeping the familiar format in place. With the new hosting for the site, I have a lot of extra room to host the past tournament archives that I've collected along the way. The archives are located on the lower left side of your screen. Select a year and find the tournament you've played in from the past. I don't have all of the years posted as of this writing, but will have them all shortly.

Monday, February 5, 2007

10 Year Anniversary for

Time to celebrate, I've hit 10 years of running an online office pool tournament on the intarweb. New website design is currently in progress over the next couple weeks.

The 2007 Office Pool 64 will be up and running shortly after the team pairings are announced on Sunday, March 11 @ 6:00 EST on CBS.

Key Tournament Dates courtesy of NCAA Sports

First Weekend Of Games
March 15-16: Round One
March 17-18: Round Two

Second Weekend Of Games
March 22-23: Round Three
March 24-25: Regional Finals

Third Weekend Of Games
March 31: Semi-Finals
April 2: Championship Game