Monday, April 7, 2008

Memphis Chokes At The Line

Geez! Too much pressure for Memphis at the end of the championship game, missing free throws, can't make a basket to save their lives, bad decisions. Kansas was too much for Memphis and until the last two minutes of regulations, didn't show the same spark they had during their match up against North Carolina. Kansas wins in Over Time, 75-68.

Congratulations goes to Keith Deutsch for winning the 2008 Tournament Contest.

Your Top Ten Pick Sheets for the 2008 Office Pool
  1. 181 - Keith Deutsch
  2. 178 - Rob Bauer
  3. 176 - Michael Wittchow
  4. 176 - Joe Romere
  5. 174 - Brian Robertson
  6. 174 - NCjayhawks
  7. 174 - Jay Erickson
  8. 173 - Jessie Forga
  9. 171 - Scott 214
  10. 171 - Darren Olson

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kansas Jayhawks Versus Memphis Tigers

Memphis Tigers from Conference USA versus the mighty Kansas Jayhaws of the Big 12 Conference.

Memphis Tigers [38-1] are the only team in NCAA history to earn 38 victories in one season. This is the second time Memphis has played in the Championship game. Their other appearance was in 1973 against UCLA which was a loss. They are also the first team from Conference USA to advance to the Championship game.

Kansas is in the Championship game for the eighth time, their first since 2003. Kansas's 18 point victory over North Carolina is the second largest over a team ranked #1 in tournament history.

Monday's Championship Game - Tipoff @ 9:21 [ET]

#1 Kansas Jayhawks [36-3] - 56 pick sheets selected Kansas
#1 Memphis Tigers [38-1] - 46 pick sheets selected Memphis

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Round Five Games

This is it, we've waited for 51 weeks to get to this point of having four teams in the finals. The first time all four number one seeds have advanced. Which goes against one of my personal rules for filling out my bracket sheet, never advance all four teams into the final weekend of games. Another rule that I use for picking my championship team is only pick the winner from the big conferences. I wanted to take Memphis when I was filling out my bracket, but since they are from a conference that only sent one team [Conference USA], I took Georgetown as my championship team. Arrgh. So I will be rooting for Memphis this weekend. My main reason is they are not from a power conference and it would be a huge testimony for a smaller conference to win the championship game. I would be I'm not alone in rooting for them.

Here are the games for tonight

@ 6:07 pm [ET]
#1 UCLA Bruins
#1 Memphis Tigers

@ 8:47 pm [ET]
#1 Kansas Jayhawks
#1 North Carolina Tar Heels