Thursday, March 2, 2023

2023 Office Pool 64 Bracket Challenge Returns

Get ready for the 27th annual OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge!
The NCAA basketball tournament pairings have just been announced, and we are excited to announce the launch of our Bracket Challenge. This year, we will be using CBS Sports Bracket Manager to host our pool contest, as our old software website is no longer available.
Our bracket contest officially begins at tipoff, 11:30 AM on Thursday, Marc 16. To enter, please create a user account with CBS Sports Bracket Manager, then submit your brackets. You will now be able to edit your brackets, plus track your progress throughout the tournament using their phone app, or from your home PC. 

The first game that matters is this Thursday! So make sure to get all your pick sheets entered before tip-off to secure your spot in this year's competition.

2023 Office Pool Bracket


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

2023 Tournament Schedule

Pre-Tournament Events
March 12: Teams Announced @ 5:00 PM [CST] on CBS
March 14-15: Four Play-In Games
March 16: Entry Deadline @ 11:30 AM [CST]

First Weekend Of The Tournament
March 16-17: Round One - 64 Teams
March 18-19: Round Two - 32 Teams

Second Weekend Of Games
March 23-24: Round Three - 16 Teams
March 25-26: Round Four - 8 Teams

Championship Weekend
April 1: Round Five - Semi-Finals - 4 Teams
April 3: Round Six - Championship - 2 Teams

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