Office Pool Rules

DEADLINE: All pick sheets must be submitted by tip-off of the first Thursday game.

ENTRY FEE: $0 entry fee for each pick sheet [enter as often as you like]

HOW TO PLAY: You must pick the winners of the 63 games in the Division I - NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The winner is the one with the highest point total after the championship game

We do start with 68 teams in the tournament field, yet this office pool does not pick the winners of the four play-in games. There are 64 teams that are used in our office pool. This is a single game elimination tournament, so each round will eliminate half of the teams that play.

There are six rounds of play, the team that wins the final game in the 6th round is the champion. You are given points for each team that you successfully select to win in the contest. There are different point values assigned to your winning selections in each round.

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