Tuesday, April 3, 2001

What A Game

Dunleavy for 3! Dunleavy for 3! Dunleavy for 3! What a game. Almost a close one in the end, Arizona's 17 point margin of victory was a non-factor in tonight's Championship Game. Duke, down by 5 in the first half, took the lead at the halfway point of the first half and never looked back. Arizona did take it to 3 points a couple of times, but many unwise 3-point attempts by Arizona, left Duke with an easy victory in the end.

Our 2001 OfficePool64.com winner, with 123 points is Willa Thacker! Nice job! You receive bragging rights until next years tournament!

Coming in 2002....I will be expanding and redesigning the site. You'll find lots of usefull information for filling out your office pool bracket. Game updates, player stats, scoreboard, game matchups, officepool link search pages, plus the 6th Annual OfficePool64.com tournament bracket!

See you in 2002!