Monday, April 7, 2014

And Then There Was One

That's it, we have our tournament champion, the University of Connecticut Huskies, or Yukon for short. Thank you Twitter for that one.

Watching the championship game, was it just me, or was UConn passing a bit to hard at times? Or passing a bit careless, an under the legs pass of the opponent that didn't connect, really? Granted, they still won, but yeow, it made me feel a bit nauseous during the game.

I wasn't sure who I wanted to win tonight, since both teams are in the final game quite often, and UConn had their NCAA violation, Kentucky has all Freshman starters who are one and done, but in the end, I went for UConn. Mainly because they had star players that have been on the team longer than one year. Blah to the one and done. Give me three, four or five starting seniors and I'll put you far in my bracket.

Notes from the game:

I never saw a camera shot of Ashley Judd, did I miss it or was she not there tonight?

UConn went 101-115 on free throws throughout the tournament, 10-10 tonight. Wisconsin went 19-20 and lost by 1....ouch!

On ESPN's contest, 27,203 had UConn as the winner out of 11 Million+ (0.3%) Our bracket contest had 3 of 431 pick sheets. Someone do the math for me as a comparison and email me. (.007% - Thank you JC for the email)

Which brings me to our bracket contest results. Congrats goes out to Jason Peterson with 144 points. He is our 2014 OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge winner! And I mean no disrespect, but with a terrible 65% pick percentage and only correctly picking three of the final eight teams, he pulled off a miracle finish to win our contest. I'll give you a minute to let that sink in, you only correctly pick 3 of the final 8 teams and win the tournament.

Other notable pick sheets:

Bernie of West Linn, OR with 73% correct
Doug Force of Huntington, the only one to pick 3 of the last 4 teams.
Brent Dilk of MFI's bracket contest, welcome to my bracket contest MFI, see you next year.
R Beyer 2 of Cincinnati, OH, correctly picking UConn.
Jason Calabrese of Watertown, CT, correctly picking his homer team UConn.
Grand Master Flash of Funky, MN, for having such a cool name.

And last but not least, David Letterman is finally retiring!

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Been Fun, It's Been Real

Our bracket contest is nearly completed. I'm always bummed when the final weekend of games arrives, however it's 48 more short weeks until the next bracket contest begins. We sadly have three games remaining with eight tournament scenarios left. There are only four teams that have not been eliminated: Florida, UConn, Wisconsin, Kentucky

The semi-final games are Saturday on TBS, not CBS!! With the championship match up Monday, this time on CBS.

Florida #1 vs UConn #7 at 6:09 ET
Kentucky #8 vs Wisconsin #2 at 8:49 ET

From my quick look, only one pick sheet had three of four correct. There were a quite a few 2 of 4 correct and a ton of 1 of 4 correct.

After the first weekend of games, I was away for my 20th wedding anniversary vacation and had the current standings on autopilot. Aside from my pick sheet, all went as planned. I did get to see a few of the games, but not enough to create a blog post about it. A big thank you to my wife, yet again, for putting up with this tournament during our anniversary week. I just cannot convince the NCAA to move the March tournament to dates that don't interfere with my anniversary. I'm kidding, my wife actually will sit and watch the games with me because I enjoy it so much.

As I mentioned, there are exactly eight tournament scenarios remaining, they are as follows:

If Florida beats Wisconsin
If Wisconsin beats Florida
If Florida beats Kentucky
If Kentucky beats Florida
If UConn beats Wisconsin
If Wisconsin beats UConn
If UConn beats Kentucky
If Kentucky beats UConn

Best of luck to ya people!