Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 3 - Tips To Win Your Office Pool

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not claiming to be any expert of any kind, but I'm continuing on with my tips on winning your office pool. I've never won my office pool in the 10+ years I've been doing this, but I have come very close, and finished very close to the bottom. Use these tips I've thought of, discovered, read about, and a bit of dumb luck at your own risk.

  • Don't pick a team from the Big Sky, MEAC and Southland to win a first-round game. They're winless in the Division I playoffs since the field was expanded to at least 52 teams in 1983.
  • Don't pick an at-large team with a losing conference record to get beyond the second round.
  • Two of your Final Four picks should be teams that didn't finish atop their regular-season conference standings.
  • Don't be too concerned about a regular-season defeat against a conference rival with a losing league record.
  • Don't pick a team to reach the Final Four if it lost in the first round of a postseason conference tournament.
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  1. Goodthing you did your research on the Big Sky Conference in the First Round, you may want to read this so you sound like you have your facts straight.

    1995 - Weber State defeated Michigan State in the First Round, only to lose to Georgetown in the final second in the second round,
    Big Sky Conference.
    1999 - Weber State Defeated North Carolina in the First Round, again
    Big Sky Conference.

    Yes, I went to Weber State, there is at least 12 of us ... lol.


  2. What? You didn't read my disclaimer? I never said I was an expert....some of these tips are my own, some I've collected....the tip on the Big Sky Conference was a tip I collected. :D

    I wanna see your picks in my pool this year with Webber winning more than the first round.