Nothing Has Been The "Norm" after the first round

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Saturday, March 17, 2007 0 comments
With the first round completed and looking at today's match ups, its not what many of the 'experts' had predicted.

1 vs 9 [Ohio State vs Xavier]
3 vs 6 [Texas A&M vs Louisville]
2 vs 7 [Georgetown vs Boston College]
3 vs 6 [Washington St vs Vanderbilt]
2 vs 7 [UCLA vs Indiana]
4 vs 5 [Maryland vs Burler]
3 vs 11 [Pittsburgh vs VCU]
1 vs 9 [North Carolina vs Michigan St]

To me, there were not any upsets from the first day of games. Sure, Duke lost to number 11 seed VCU, but honestly, did Duke deserve that high of a seed? The 8 and 9 seeds, I never will call them upsets if the number 9 wins.


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