Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nothing Has Been The "Norm" after the first round

With the first round completed and looking at today's match ups, its not what many of the 'experts' had predicted.

1 vs 9 [Ohio State vs Xavier]
3 vs 6 [Texas A&M vs Louisville]
2 vs 7 [Georgetown vs Boston College]
3 vs 6 [Washington St vs Vanderbilt]
2 vs 7 [UCLA vs Indiana]
4 vs 5 [Maryland vs Burler]
3 vs 11 [Pittsburgh vs VCU]
1 vs 9 [North Carolina vs Michigan St]

To me, there were not any upsets from the first day of games. Sure, Duke lost to number 11 seed VCU, but honestly, did Duke deserve that high of a seed? The 8 and 9 seeds, I never will call them upsets if the number 9 wins.

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