Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ho Hum, Yet Another Come From Behind Victory For The Number 1 Seed

So yeah, all four number 1 seeds advance to the final eight teams in the tournament. All four teams have to come from behind to win their games. Tonights late game featured North Carolina with a repeat performance from last night Ohio State come back victory. The Heels, down by as much as 16 points advance over USC and win by 10 points. A 26 point swing. Well, it should have been had it not been for the tantrum the Trojan coach had with under a minute by picking up the technical foul.

So we end up with, going into the 4th round of games, four number 1 seeds, three number 2 seeds and one number 3 seed. Thanks Wisconsin for ruining the curve. I kid you cheeseheads. [I'm thinking of the Randy Moss end zone mooning]

What's interesting for me personally, before the pairings were announced, I was talking with a friend of mine about who we thought we be the national champion. This has been a very strange year as I thought there was 5 or 6 very strong teams that could win this year. I'd been perplexed as to whom I wanted to win it all from the get go. The 5-6 teams I was leaning to before anything announced was Florida, Ohio State, North Carolina, Kansas, Georgetown were the 5, the 6th team was really three teams. Wisconsin was strong, but the had a major injury, UCLA was strong, but they lost in the first round of their conference tournament, and Memphis was a hot team, but I was concerned that they didn't play in a conference that was strong enough for them to compete when the field got down to 8 teams.

Oddly enough, all but Wisconsin have advanced. I'm looking my exact conversation from about four weeks ago. Who really is going to win this year? There isn't one team that you can point at and say, yep they've got it this year. It's still really anyone's game as each remaining team has massive strengths, but are all beatable under the right conditions. Look at all four number one seeds, each team has struggled and come from behind to win. Aside from the UNC victory, they barely won their games.

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