Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Best Weekend Of Basketball Has Completed

Hopefully you didn't overdose on watching basketball the past four days. So many games, so much to watch, pick sheets, brackets, can consume you if you've let it.

Thursday and Friday's games were rather uneventful. Saturday and Sunday's games....WOW! Those were some close finishes, minor bracket killers, upsets, some teams look unstoppable. Sixteen teams remain heading into next weekends games which start on Thursday once again.

Little numbers break down. What seeds advanced to next weekends games:

Thursday, March 22 [West Region]
#1 Kansas vs #4 So. Illinois [7:10] - #2 UCLA vs #3 Pittsburgh [9:40]

Thursday, March 22 [South Region]
#1 Ohio State vs #5 Tennessee [7:27] - #2 Memphis vs #3 Texas A&M [9:57]

Friday, March 23 [Midwest Region]
#1 Florida vs #5 Butler [7:10] - #3 Oregon vs #7 UNLV [9:40]

Friday, March 23 [East Region]
#1 No. Carolina [7:27] vs #5 USC - #2 Georgetown vs #6 Vanderbilt [9:57]


This really wasn't the typical year for seed # winners compared to previous years. Some of the expected numbers were there, but there is nothing between #8-12. 10 of the 16 teams make up the top three seed numbers. There were no #12 vs #5 upsets. There were two #11 vs #6 upsets, but they were unable to advance in the next round versus the #3's.

The West bracket saw the seed numbers 1-2-3-4 all advance.

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