Saturday, March 17, 2007

Round 1 Has Completed

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Hats off to Chris Belcher as she correctly selected 30 of 32 games correctly in the first round of games. She has all final 16 teams still on the board and is currently in the drivers seat....but it is still the beginning of the second round and she is only ahead by two points.

We didn't see that often talked about 5 v 12 upset as has happened in the past, not really any trend of upsets this first round. Duke lost due to global warming, highly predicted by the professionals, #5 Winston defeated Notre Dame, a couple #9's over #8's, but those are not that big on the upset meter. So yeah, lots of better seeds defeated the teams they should have beaten.

Wisconsin on the other hand had to earn it's victory today to #15 seed Texas A&M Corpus Christie. I would have loved to been in the locker room during half time. Whatever their coach said to motivate them for the second half....WOW! Down by 19 points and looking like the first major upset of the tournament, the Badgers come back on a terror and win by 13 points. You should have heard all the swearing during the first half at my work as Wisconsin's first half of game play, or lack of, played out. There was a look on terror on many faces.

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