Global Warming Slows Down Duke

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Thursday, March 15, 2007 0 comments
It's official, global warming has been blamed for tonights loss by Duke Bluedevils. Paired with having Christian Laettner sitting in the stands, it was a fairly close win for the Rams of Virgina Commonwealth. I recall one of the first headlines after the pairings were announced was "Duke a number 6 seed????" It was questioned at that time why they had that good of a seed number. Tonights loss only proved that headline? The good news is, all of you fans who despise Duke, were happy as a pickle.

Other than that one loss by a #6 seed, there were not any other upsets for the entire day. A #9 beat a #8, but that game was a toss up in my eyes.


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