Thursday, March 1, 2007

Memorable Moment Series

Ahhh, this just kills me every time I see it. Gary Parrish of CBS is writing a five part series on past tournament memorable moments. He is up to number three, the Chris Webber time out in the 1993 championship game against North Carolina. Oh the pain it brings back! I still recall yelling at the television when it happened.

I've lived in Minnesota all my life and subsequently I'm a Golden Gopher fan [though it has been a very rough last seven to eight years]. However back in 1993, I was rooting for the 'fab five' as they were part of the Big Ten conference and they were fun to watch play together. I picked them to win it all in my office pool and was sitting pretty going into the evenings game in the office pool.

73-71 with under a minute to play, I was hoping for at the very least a tie game. Webber rebounds the ball, and the rest is history. If you've seen it, you know what I am talking about. If you have never seen this moment in history, head over to Gary's column and see it for yourself. He has a good write up on the game and the video from the game to go along with it. It hurts to watch it again.

Gary Parrish, Memorable Moment No. 3: Webber forgot, but we never will - Video Clip

I just hope that the number one most memorable moment is not the Christian Laitner last second toss to win the game. I will vomit if I see that video again. If you recall, Laitner was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves and stunk up the joint with his game play ever year he was on their roster.

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