Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tips On How To Win Your Office Pool

I wanted to post a few tips on being successful in your local office pool. Over the past 10 years of running an online office pool, the winners of all of my office pool all posted at the very least a 70% success rate on their picks. The best was a 79% success rate in my 2003 office pool despite not correctly picking the winner of the championship match up.

My goal is to give you some tips on how to beat the odds over the average person in your pool. Picking only the higher seeds is not going to make a hill of beans by the championship game, picking a lot of upsets is very risky and usually doesn't pay off, so hopefully you'll do better in this years office pool. I've analyzed the winning pick sheets and here are a few tips and trends I've noticed through the years of my winners. I'll post more helpful tips in the next week and a half to give you some success for this years office pool.
  • Pick all of the number 1 seeds to win their first round games. Since 1985, all number 1 seeds have won their games over the number 16 seeds 100% of the time.
  • Don't pick a number 1 seed to be one of the last four teams, let along the national title, if the school wasn't in the playoffs the previous year.
  • Pick at least one number 2 seed to lose before the second round games complete.
  • Don't pick more than two of the four number 1 regional seeds to reach the final weekend of games when only four teams remain in the tournament.
  • Pick at one number 3 seed team to lose in the first round of games.
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