Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tubby Smith To Coach Minnesota Gophers?

Is this for reals? Tubby Smith of Kentucky Wildcats leaving their program for my Golden Gophers? I am based in Minnesota and the basketball program is in a world of hurt. Did someone not mention this tidbit to Tubby? There has to be a catch, why would someone want to come here? Lost a bet perhaps? I simply do not get it.

Don't get me wrong, I really like this move by the Minnesota Athletic department, but how in the hell did they pull this off is what I wanna know?

CBS Sportsline had this on their write up about the coaching move " Minnesota was 9-22 this season, the most losses in the 111-year history of the program, and averaged just 60.6 points a game, its lowest in 56 years"

Personally I've been so disinterested in watching the Gophers, this may be what it takes to win me back. My highlight of this season was getting to watch Ohio State play. Oddly enough, I liked them so much I picked them to win my bracket [in one of the couple I entered].

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