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96 Rock Morning Show Interview

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Wednesday, March 14, 2007 4 comments

I was interviewed this morning by Salt and Demetri of the 96 Rock Morning Show based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They wanted to talk about the site content that I posted this year about the rules or "guidelines" as I called them, for winning your office pool.

They don't have streaming audio on their site, so I really don't know just how dorky I sounded. Mainly because I was taken off guard when the interview started, they just jumped right into their side of the conversation and I stumbled a few words out. Perhaps it was the lack of coffee in the early morning hours with not much sleep this past week.

The night before I was up quite late filling out my brackets on my regular office pools I participate in every year [iSportsLink, Ganza, Pick 16, MarchPools].

Well, if anyone heard my interview from their audience, drop a comment below.


Anonymous said...

I listened to you on the radio yesterday morning and found myself fascinated by you. Your voice sounds a little bit like Tom Cruise...

Are you single? Where do you live?

If you'd like to hook up some time, please send me an email at prettylady5@gmail.com.



Anonymous said...

Go for her!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool to have gotten the call. Shall we call you famous now? How did they hook up with calling you?

Steve C said...

How did I get the call to be on their show? I received an email request from Salt. He gave me his cell phone number and I set it up late in the evening.

Until I make it on a television interview, do not call me famous.

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