Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Are Down To Four Teams

Well, it's been a very fun and entertaining tournament to watch this year. Sadly, there are only four teams left with three games to play. #5 Michigan State will face #5 Butler and #1 Duke will face #2 Wake Forest, with the winners of course meeting up in the Championship round.

With that, only eight tournament scenarios remain which will determine the winner for the 2010 Office Pool contest. To my surprise, one of my pick sheets is near the top of the standings in a few of the remaining scenarios. My test picks, which I do to make sure everything is setup correctly before I send out the email blast inviting everyone to fill out their pick sheet.

  1. If Michigan State beats West Virginia
  2. If West Virginia beats Michigan State
  3. If Michigan State beats Duke
  4. If Duke beats Michigan State
  5. If Butler beats West Virginia
  6. If West Virginia beats Butler
  7. If Butler beats Duke
  8. If Duke beats Butler

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