Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Office Pool Returns

Returning for our 14th year, is currently updating the site for the current year. I've redesigned the website with a new layout and colors. I'll be purging the outdated links to update them with the 2010 links throughout the week, just in time for Selection Sunday on March 14.

Key Tournament Dates courtesy of NCAA Sports

Pre-Tournament Events
March 14 - Selection Sunday @ 5:00 CST on CBS
March 16 - Opening Round game [play in game]

First Weekend Of Games
March 18-19: Round One Games
March 20-21: Round Two Games

Second Weekend Of Games
March 25-26: Round Three Games
March 27-28: Round Four Games

Final Weekend Of Games
April 3: Round Five, Semi-Finals
April 5: Round Six, Championship Game

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