Saturday, March 20, 2010

Round 1 Recap

In all, there was ten lower ranked seeds advancing into the round two games. The biggest shocker was 14 seed, Ohio Bobcats knocking off number three seed Georgetown. I'm sure that hurt a lot of brackets, and always not a good thing on the first day of the tournament. The good news is, nearly everyone had Georgetown winning. The question is, how many rounds did you have them winning determines how bad their loss hurt your bracket.

With 564 entries submitted into this office pool, only four of those bracket sheets had Georgetown winning in the Championship round. 16 bracket sheets selected Ohio Bobcats as the winning team. One question enters my mind, how many of those 16 entries thought this was the Ohio State Buckeyes team from the Big Ten? Or are the Ohio Bobcats just that good?

Bring on the round two games....

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