Thursday, March 30, 2017

Four Teams, Eight Scenarios Remain

This is it, the final weekend of games. Four teams remain and there are now only eight tournament outcomes remaining. I've enjoyed the tournament this year having three new teams playing in the final weekend. Or at least it has been a while since they were last here. I am still surprised that the Florida vs Wisconsin game was the first overtime game of the tournament this year. How does that happen?

And a reminder, the games shift to Saturday and Monday this weekend. I know the Saturday games are on CBS, I'm unsure about the championship game. However, if it's similar to last year, it was TBS for the general broadcast and a tailored school broadcast on two other channels.

With just three games to go, here are the final eight scenarios and where you will finish in the standings depending on the outcome:

If South Carolina beats Oregon
If Oregon beats South Carolina
If South Carolina beats North Carolina
If North Carolina beats South Carolina
If Gonzaga beats Oregon
If Oregon beats Gonzaga

If Gonzaga beats North Carolina
If North Carolina beats Gonzaga
Our current Top Ten pick sheets are as follows:

1. Duncan
2. KitKat
3. Lisa Craig 2
4. Smitty 2
5. Smitty 1
6. Katz
7. Scott 2
7. Rachunek 1
7. Kevin Jorgenson 1
7. Kevin Jorgenson 2

If you are still in it, good luck!

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