Saturday, March 18, 2017

Round One Is Completed. Round Two Begins.

The first round of games is in the books and 32 teams have been eliminated from the field of 64. After the Thursday night games completed, fourteen of the sixteen games were won by the higher seeded team. This created a logjam at the top of the current standings page. Friday's games were just a bit off of Thursday's were twelve of the sixteen games were higher seeded victories.

If you're new to the OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge, the current standings can always be found in the right column menu of the main web site under 'Current Standings'. From there, the menu of everything else office pool related can be found. The standings are updated automatically once per hour, at the top of the hour, but only after games have completed.

I will create blog posts on the main website, including the contents of this email, but will not bombard you with emails after each post. I'll only send one email, or two at the most, per week. However, feel free to check on the website for any new blog posts.

Overall there are 389 submitted pick sheets in the 2017 contest. Almost everyone is still in it, except for the last place bracket as they selected all lower seeded teams to win. Good stuff.

Looking at the current standings, 30 of 32 correctly picked teams by Eva Mooberry is tops, followed closely by ten brackets with 29 correctly picked.

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