Thursday, March 23, 2017

Still Anyone's To Win

With only sixteens remaining in the 2017 Tournament, it's still anyone's Championship to win. The games start back up today with four games tonight and four games Friday night. That will complete our third round in the office pool bracket contest.

There are only three #1 Seeds and two #2 seeds. We have four #3 and four #4 seeds. Lastly there is one #7, one #8 and one #11 seed to complete all sixteen teams. Aside from three teams, if you picked #4 seeds or lower, you are sitting great in the standings as this was not the year of the lower seeded teams shaking up the bracket like in years past.

Looking into the numbers. Out of the 389 pick sheets, who is picked to win between some of the match ups in round three:

Wisconsin - 14 (picked to win)
Florida - 25

Baylor - 39
S. Carolina - 2

Gonzaga - 284
W. Virginia - 32

Kansas - 325
Purdue - 20

UCLA - 180
Kentucky - 164

Each correctly picked game is worth 5 points.

That's all I have right now. Enjoy the games and be sure to check out the Player Scenarios to see what your best place finish, worst place finish and which teams you need to root for in your field of eight teams.

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