Tuesday, April 4, 2017

247 Stoppages Of Play In The Championship

It was a bit frustrating to watch at times. No flow to the game, constant whistles, too many fouls, poor shooting, fouls, really bad shots, TV timeouts, lets check the reply, terrible shooting, foul after foul after foul....it was more painful to watch than sitting through a two hour staff meeting at the office. However, when the explosive confetti settled, the Tar Heals of North Carolina were the victors on the night over Gonzaga's first trip to the championship game.  

After an average first round of picks, Lisa Craig excelled when the points per round increased. Correctly picked 5 of the last 8 teams, three out of the last four, picked both winners and the champion. Nicely done! See Lisa Craig's pick sheet

Here are our top ten pick sheets on the year. Congrats to the leaders. If you were in an entry fee office pool, I'm sure you were the winner of it.

1. Lisa Craig 2
2. Katz
3. Pat Kowalczyk
4. Scott 2
5. Duncan
6. Diana Beauchamp 1
7. Jerry Stevens
8. Kelly Fitch
9. Diana Beauchamp 2
10. Eric Breiland 

See you all in 2018

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