Friday, March 26, 2021

Second Weekend Games Begins Saturday

The tournament games will finally start back up on Saturday at 1:40 PM. I don't see it noted if it's Eastern or Central time zone, so check your local listings for the exact start time.

So this week, rounds three and four will playout over Saturday through Tuesday! Kind of reminds me of what the NFL did with their schedule this past year, not playing on their normally scheduled days we've all gotten accustom too.

For this years OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge, we have 359 people in the office pool. Which is on pace from 2019 when we had 367 people playing. Now that round two is completed, the Player Scenarios link is now live. It takes several hours to calculate this link as there are right around 32,000 possibilities remaining in the standings.

I have had some quirkiness happening with my webhost, which started Monday evening. I couldn't get the standings to upload onto the webhost. It was timing out before it could get started. This also happened Wednesday into Thursday. So if the standings links were acting strange during the week for you, it was the host server acting up. If this does happen again, I'll make the standings available on my OneDrive. I believe that would work as a backup plan.

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