Sunday, March 14, 2021

2021Bracket Challenge Returns!!

It feels so good to say this....

Entries are finally being accepted for the 25th OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge. We skipped over the 24th contest, obviously due to Covid-19 and the tournament being canceled, and are now at the milestone of  our 25th season. I can still count this as my 25th season, right?

The pairings were announced just minutes ago and the 2021 Bracket Challenge is underway. Once again there are 68 teams selected in the official tournament bracket. However, we will start out contest when they are down to 64 teams. The four play-in games are on Thursday this year and tip-off is on a Friday! Yes, tip-off is on a Friday this year and the rest of the schedule is off by a day from what we are used too. 

DEADLINE: Tip-Off, March 19 @ 12:30 PM [EST]

Bracket Notes
  • Make sure you hit the SUBMIT PICKS BUTTON at the bottom of the bracket page, or your picks will not be entered into the pool.
  • If you are submitting more than one bracket, please place a number after your name to make it unique, or it will overwrite your submitted pick sheet. Example: Timmy 1, Timmy 2, Timmy 3
Printable Office Pool Bracket

If you want to figure your bracket on paper first, like I always do, I have a printable bracket available in PDF format using Adobe Reader, plus a graphic version as well. The PDF version prints out bigger, I recommend to grab that one first. 


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