Friday, April 2, 2021

And Then There Were Four, Ummmm Teams

We are here, we are down to the four teams: Gonzaga, Baylor, UCLA, Houston. No one predicted these final four teams, but quite a few of you selected three of four teams.

As odd as the tournament schedule has been this year, the final weekend of games plays out like it always does on Saturday and Monday. Saturday's tipoff is 5:14 ET with Baylor and Houston the first game. Gonzaga and UCLA is the second game with an approximate tipoff time of 8:34 ET. Both games are on CBS.

With only three games remaining, there are eight tournament scenarios that can happen. Here are the current links for those outcomes:

If Gonzaga beats Baylor
If Baylor beats Gonzaga
If Gonzaga beats Houston
If Houston beats Gonzaga
If UCLA beats Baylor
If Baylor beats UCLA
If UCLA beats Houston
If Houston beats UCLA

Good luck to those who are still in it.

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