Saturday, March 23, 2013

Round One Has Completed

Round one has completed and three pick sheets have lost their championship team already, ouch!

What a difference between the two days of games. Thursday's games pretty much finished like they should have, couple mild upsets. Friday on the other hand was insane. Hats off to the 95 of you who selected Ole Miss over Wisconsin, I didn't see that one coming. Georgetown losing to Florida Gulf Coast, surprisingly 5 of you picked that one right, how?

Our tournament standings after round one was 25 correctly picked games out of 32. This was done by fourteen pick sheets. Eighteen pick sheets correctly picked 24 games and it tapers off from there.

Friday evening I was able to watch many of the evening games with friends. The early batch of games at a co-workers going away party, followed by the late games with a half dozen or so friends. We had two screens setup, one for the Minnesota game and the other for the Iowa St game. I know, Iowa State. While watching the games, we were talking about how long CBS has had the rights to broadcast the games. None of us could recall a time when the games were not on CBS. So, I did a bit of research and discovered that they've obtained the rights way back in 1982 from NBC, who had aired it since 1969. My quota of useless information is completed.

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