Saturday, March 30, 2013

Down To Eight Teams

Florida Gulf Coast could not repeat the magic from last weekends rounds of games. They started out hot, were ahead 24-14, and all was looking great for them. Then the tied turned and Florida Gators dominated for the remainder of the game, sending the virtually unknown school home.

We lost another #1 seed with Michigan, who appeared to be on their way to a loss. They found a way to string some points together and mount a comeback to tie the game with under 10 seconds and knock Kansas out of the tournament. Which, oddly enough, was the first overtime game of the tournament.

Stats From Our Bracket Contest

One pick sheet correctly picked 6 of 8 teams. Ryne with 108 points, who incidentally is tops on our current standings.

31 pick sheets correctly picked 5 of 8 teams correct.
351 picked Louisville to win
210 picked Duke
2 picked Wichita St
248 picked Ohio St
70 picked Michigan
191 picked Florida
53 picked Syracuse
54 picked Marquette

Upcoming Tournament Games - all times Eastern

4:30 - #3 Marquette vs #4 Syracuse
7:05 - #2 Ohio St vs #9 Wichita St

2:20 - #3 Florida vs #4 Michigan
5:05 - #1 Louisville vs #2 Duke

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