Sunday, March 31, 2013

Four Teams, Three Games

Saturday's and Sunday's games were so fun to watch, probably none more than Louisville versus Duke. As our bracket contest stood, 250 had Louisville advancing, 86 were in favor of Duke. This one game would help shape the results of nearly everyone's brackets. The game lived up to the hype, or at least the hype in my head. Though, the gruesome broken leg injury from Louisville's Kevin Ware, I couldn't have lived without seeing the replay of that. It reminded me of the Joe Theismann leg injury from the 1980's. (Thankfully CBS only played it twice and that was it) Best wishes and a health recovery goes out to Kevin.

The game was very close from the start, Duke and Louisville each were playing to their strengths. Then the nine minute injury timeout occurred and you're not sure how either team will respond, as it had an effect on many players. I will say, thankfully halftime was close so each team was able to regroup their thoughts and get their heads back in the game. During the second half, both teams came out strong, Duke was down, but went on a bit of a surge to tie the game at 42-42. I'm unsure if the coach called a timeout or if it was a TV timeout, but on the other side of that break, Louisville took the remainder of the game over and easily won. Nothing was falling for Duke and they lost by 23 points.

The other three games, the only other one that was sort of close was Wichita State versus Ohio State. Even then, Wichita State controlled the game with Ohio State coming on strong at the end to make it a game, but still fall short. In our bracket contest, only one pick sheet correctly picked this game.

Michigan won by 20 points over Florida, with 30 pick sheets selecting this one. While 23 pick sheets correctly picked Syracuse to defeat Marquette.

We'll pick this back up this coming Saturday with the championship game to play Monday evening.

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