Saturday, March 17, 2018

UMBC Makes Tournament History

For those of you who went to bed early, and have Virginia as your championship team, pinch yourself, your not dreaming. There isn't a coding error with my bracket software. You do not need to get your eyes checked. It really happened. UMBC, the number 16 seeded team, 63 ranked overall beat the number 1 seeded Virginia. Never in my lifetime did I expect to see a 16 defeat a #1. I really hope you also watched that historic game, it was quite the bracket buster! I did hear someone from UMBC say their goal was to make the One Shining Moment video, mission accomplished!

So, for those of you who have Virginia as your champion, welcome to my club as I have Arizona as my champion. Both teams, oddly enough, are in the same quarter of the bracket. This will make for some unusual standings perhaps as the tournament plays out. I'm making a habit out of losing my championship team during the first weekend of games.

There are 320 brackets that were submitted to this years bracket challenge. 81 of those pick sheets have Virginia as their champion. That's roughly 25% of all brackets lost their champ with one dominating performance. Taking a closer look, there are two pick sheets that correctly selected UMBC as the winner. I would have guessed that number would have been zero, but I was wrong. Well done Quincy and Randy!

Well, round two of the games have begun. When this round is over on Sunday, we will be down to 16 teams. If a few more number one seeds lose, this tournament is anyone's to win.

I was having an issue with the standings updating. My software that I use has an option to automatically updating the standings and updating them on my website. as of 9:30 PM on Friday, I finally got it working correctly. It turns out, the author of the software for got to clear out the schedule for his computer before compiling the coding. So, when I was trying to run the schedule on my computer, it was really trying to run the schedule on the author's computer. He compiled a correction to his software and we are in business. So, you should see updates happening every thirty minutes, but only after games have completed.

If you're new to the OfficePool64 Bracket Challenge, the current standings can always be found in the right column menu of the main web site under 'Current Standings'. From there, the menu of everything else office pool related can be found.

I will create blog posts on the main website, including the contents of this email, but will not bombard you with emails after each post. I'll only send one email, or two at the most, per week. However, feel free to check on the website for any new blog posts.

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