Saturday, March 31, 2018

Championship Weekend Begins

The championship weekend starts back up today around 5:00 Central. We have #3 Michigan vs #11 Loyola Chicago, can't wait for this one to tip off. Lastly we have #1 Kansas vs #1 Villanova, the battle of the remaining number one seeds. As usual, the final matchup between the winning teams shifts to Monday night, but this time airing on TBS. I would suspect there are multi broadcasts for each home team as they've done in the past.

I wasn't able to watch much of the games last weekend as my son was home on leave from the Air Force. His time here was short, but it was great seeing him before reporting to his new base on the East Coast.

With just three games to go, here are the final eight scenarios and where you will finish in the standings depending on the outcome:

If Loyola Chi beats Villanova
If Villanova beats Loyola Chi
If Loyola Chi beats Kansas
If Kansas beats Loyola Chi
If Michigan beats Villanova
If Villanova beats Michigan
If Michigan beats Kansas
If Kansas beats Michigan

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