Saturday, April 4, 2015

Final Weekend Of The Tournament

We are starting back up for the final weekend of games. Is it surprising that three of last years final four teams have returned, or is it a sign of good coaching from year to year? Which ever it is, the winner of last years tournament has not advanced, which brings in Michigan State as the final team, led by Coach Tom Izzo. Coaching does matter.

Both of the semi final games tonight are on TBS, not CBS. However there will Team Cast broadcast for each team on TNT or truTV.

On TBS at 6:09 EST
#7 Michigan State vs #1 Duke

TNT Team Cast for Duke Blue Devils
truTV Team Cast for Michigan State Spartans

Approximately 30 minutes from the the end of first game they will tip off for the final game of the evening.

On TBS at 8:49 EST
#1 Wisconsin vs #1 Kentucky

TNT Team Cast for Wisconsin Badgers
truTV Team Cast for Kentucky Wildcats

For the Office Pool standings, we have exactly eight tournament scenarios remaining. They are as follows:

If Kentucky beats Michigan St
If Michigan St beats Kentucky
If Kentucky beats Duke
If Duke beats Kentucky
If Wisconsin beats Michigan St
If Michigan St beats Wisconsin
If Wisconsin beats Duke
If Duke beats Wisconsin

Best of luck to ya peoples....

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