Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Duke Wins....Again!!

I must admit, being from Minnesota, I wasn't onboard with Wisconsin winning, yet again, because they have put together a great team and have great coaching and it's another sport they are doing well in. While here in Minnesota, we don't always seam to get our money's worth, while throwing plenty of cash at our coaches, just to see them leave or get let go after we sign them to an extended contract. However, the more I thought about it, put away my pettiness, jealousy, whatever you want to call it, I started rooting for Wisconsin to win.

I believe it's mainly because Duke has won it plenty of times, Wisconsin wasn't expected to win, and it was 1941 the last time they made it to the Championship game. But, I mentioned it in my last blog post, coaching appears to be key in this tournament. If you have great coaching, you typically have a better chance of advancing to the next round. You still need good players, but without good coaching, you're going to be sitting in my shoes rooting for Minnesota. Congrats to the Blue Devils on their victory.

As for the Office Pool results, with 76% picked correctly, Quincy Nguyen and his 186 points was our winner. Congratulations Quincy! There was also three others with 76% correctly picked, however Quincy correctly picked the lats four teams, the runner up and the champion correct.

Here are your top ten brackets for the 2015 tournament

1. Quincy Nguyen
2. Byrneit!
3. Dan Dylak
4. Brendan Lindsley
5. Ales Kunc
6. Mitchell Hahn
7. Irish Texan
8. Chris Charters 2
9. Sue Brown
10. Steve Tronovitch

See you in 2016 for our 20th Season of this office pool !!

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