Thursday, March 24, 2022

And Then There Was Sixteen

For this years office pool, we have 366 pick sheets entered into the bracket contest. In 2021, we had 359. In 2019, there was 367. The Standings are current, with the links above to see where you rank.

With the second round of games ending last weekend, the Players Scenarios link is now live. This calculates your best and worst finish, plus lets you know who you need to root for to get your best finish.

The Sweet Sixteen round of games starts back up this evening. We have four games on Thursday, four games on Friday to complete the third round. 

Thursday's Games

  • Gonzaga vs Arkansas - 7:09 (CBS)
  • Villanova vs Michigan - 7:29 (TBS)
  • Duke vs Texas Tech - 9:39 (CBS)
  • Arizona vs Houston - 9:59 (TBS)

Friday's Games

  • Purdue vs St Peters - 7:09 (CBS)
  • Kansas vs Providence - 7:29 (TBS)
  • UCLA vs N Carolina - 9:39 (CBS)
  • Miami (FL) vs Iowa St - 9:59 (TBS)

** All times are US/Eastern

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