Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First Week Of Games Is Completed

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Northern Iowa vs Texas A&M finish on Sunday evening. I, and I would imagine I'm not alone, wrote the game off as a victory to UNI. When I realized what was happening, I had missed ten of the twelve points that were scored with 44 seconds to go. I frantically turned the game back on with 3.8 seconds. Texas A&M has the UNI player trapped in the corner, he attempts to bounce it off the leg of his opponent, but instead it bounces right to the hands of one of the two guarding him. He then jumps to the basket, scores, game tied.

Wow. I missed the greatest comeback I've heard about in a while. I can't imagine all of the people in the stadium that had left the game to beat the traffic. To find out what they missed by leaving early is a story they will tell for quite some time. Or perhaps they will say there were there the entire time.

Well, we are two rounds into this years bracket contest. I always love it when there are plenty of upsets and this year did not disappoint. I'm unsure how many still can earn points from the last four teams remaining in their brackets, but I'd guess the number is quite low.

To see where your bracket stands, click this Current Standings Link.

The current Top Five brackets

1. Romeny Shelepak
2. KeLmeleon
3. Lindsey Lynch
4. Frank Amarante 2
5. No Bucks

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