Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our First Round Of Games Is Completed

I probably mention this every year, but we are half way through the annual greatest weekend of sports. 32 games have been played, four different television channels, one broken foot for Iowa St Georges Niang (NOOOOO), six overtime games, eight upset finishes, one really incredible comeback. With all that and more, we are down to 32 teams remaining in this years tournament.

One question for you, the teams that are victorious, are they required to do a team dance for the cameras? It really stood out the past couple of days. I was amused by the first couple team dances that I saw, then it became apparent that everyone was doing this. Perhaps this is something that has happened for years, but I'm just picking up on it this year. Who knows.

Speaking of the one really incredible comeback....if you missed the VCU vs Stone Cold Steven F Austin game, you missed, in my opinion, the best game of our Round One. In my bracket #1 pick sheet, I have SFA as one of my final four teams in the tournament. Yeah, I can't believe that's what I did either, but it is what it is. I had a huge interest in the game that was dominated by VCU in the second half, but somehow, SFA pulled off an incredible flurry in the final three minutes. Including a four point play, which I thought was a bad call by the official. Yet, that was the play of the game.

Our round two games are just getting going, Florida is up 29-22 over Pittsburgh at the half. Two more full days of basketball to enjoy.

OfficePool64 Current Standings

Out top pick sheet is from Bernie of West Linn, OR. His bracket was almost flawless, with two incorrect picks in our first round and currently has 60 out of 64 points. We have four pick sheets tied for second with 56 points, and fifteen pick sheets are tied for third with 54 points. We'll see where everything stands on the other side of Sunday night when our second round has completed.

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