Friday, March 21, 2008

Round 1 Completed, On With Round Two

With a total of 360 pick sheets entered into the 2008 tournament, Kim Ross takes the first round lead a pick percentage of 91%. That's an impressive 29 of 32 correct pick selections. The one blemish is, out of the three incorrect picks, two of them were selected to be winners in the Field of 16. That hurts if you want to maintain the lead.

What did I see that was surprising in the first round? Well, the Duke-Butler game is the one that stands out the most because of the shock value. None of us predicted a #12 versus a #13 in the WEST bracket OR the MIDWEST bracket. There was a few, and I mean a few, that predicted only one of the winners in that round two match up. My biggest victory of the first round was Siena over Vanderbilt. I did foresee such the large margin of their win, but hopefully in round two they come through for me as I have them winning once again [over Clemson, not Villanova].

We are half way though the best weekend of the year. Lots more basketball to be played. Many questions to be answered....can Duke survive yet another game? Will UCLA have the easiest road to the Field of 8? Can Wisconsin stop Kansas State? Will all four #1 seeds advance? Will any of the top teams fall flat in round two and lose early? Only time will tell....

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